"I've struggled my entire life with eczema, primarily on my feet. I've seen specialists, searched the web and have talked to others with the same condition. I've tried many different products including toxic cortisone, steroids and about very over the counter eczema product there is. I met Wendy and Tonka Organics and after learning about what went into their products, I left with a bag full of Body Butter and a lotion bar, optimistic about what the results might be and added confidents about the ingredients. I'm happy to say after four weeks of regular use, my eczema has healed dramatically, my skin looks healthy and hydrated like I haven't seen in years."

"Nothing has helped my extremely dry legs, and I finally found something that works!"


"I have to tell you, my skin looks so healthy right now.  Been using it every day.  Just love your product!"

"The stretch marks on my stomach look better."

"I thought there was nothing that would help my dry cracked feet until I used a

Solid Lotion Bar.  I highly recommend these to anyone suffering from cracked skin!"

"This stuff (Whipped Body Butter) is making me age in reverse!  The bags under my eyes are completely gone!"

I seriously wish i took a before picture. I have tried EV-ER-EE-THIN...G!! On my dry, calloused feet. We're talking thick, itchy, flip flops all yr round in MN, probably could saw it off with a chainsaw, dry skin. I saw the before/after pics at a show and thought "why not? $15 is cheaper then a pedicure". I'm addicted now. 4 days is all it took. 4 FREAKING DAYS!!! I got the lotion bar, rubbed it on my feet (no exfoliating, foot pedi, or black magic) went to bed. And thats IT! Lube up my feet, go to bed, get up, do daily routine, lube feet, go to bed, repeat. It's amazing. Thank you to the sales girl i stumbled upon at a show one Saturday.

You have know idea how much this has help my dry flaking skin on my face and body! I have tried everything from oils to really expensive products! I let my daughter try both the body butter and foot bar because she couldn't believe my results! I left both with her in NY so I really need to pick more up ASAP! My skin thanks you!!

"Fantastic products!  I think I have tried every organic and chemical free product out there and what you have created is truly amazing!"

"My husband and daughter  keep mentioning how glowy my skin looks!  My daughter says the "creases" on my face are going away."

ECZEMA Before & After

5 weeks with Solid Lotion and Whipped Body Butter has healed what prescriptions and "eczema creams" could not!